Welcome my friend! I’m Virginie Olivia, Founder of Happy Kale blog and Nutrition consultant. Happy Kale is a platform to educate oneself about nutrition and small things that have a great impact for feeling well. I am passionate for all matters related to healthy eating, natural products, fitness and overall wellness. I am very creative and I love working with various brands on exciting projects!

Here are a few ideas on ways we could collaborate:

💚Brand ambassador: I love trying out new products that align with my values and meeting people who share my enthusiasm for healthy eating & wellness. I would be more than happy to promote your product and discuss any brand ambassador program you might have.

💚Content creation: Need pretty pictures for your business’ social media, website or blog? Whether it be for stylish food photographs or any other one of my passions, I’d love to help!

💚Product exposure: I always have at heart to share my advices for a balanced lifestyle. This is the exact purpose of Happy Kale. If you have an amazing product, it will be my pleasure to try it out and present it on my blog or in a social media post. That can be food, supplements, beauty care, fitness, fashion and so on. My field of interest includes all balanced lifestyle and health related. I only support what perfectly meets my values!

💚Recipe creation: Always on the lookout for the latest nutrition trends, I’m really eager to discover new foods. If what you make is delicious and good for health, I want to taste it! I would like to help you creating a recipe to show off your product and demonstrate all the different ways to consume it.

Any idea that’s not on the list? Let’s chat about it! I’m opened to your propositions. E-mail me at to discuss the terms

V. – xx