today the sky is grey
Today is a rainy day
Today I feel good

Perfect body Wonderland

I’ve finally decided to grab my laptop and start writing. The reason being for that momentum is that I especially wanted to share a recent experience with you. A few years ago I would have probably considered it as a failure. Today it’s different. Today I can tell you that is a small victory and it does me good.

Here’s why: Since the ‘beginning of times’, I have been wasting so much energy trying to find the ultimate diet… seeking the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, an epic tale where I dream to run away and escape to Perfect body and worry-free spirit Wonderland. You get the picture?

Giving Keto a go

Today, 3 weeks had gone by since I was on a “new diet” – latest trend kinda thing. Once again I gave my body to science hoping to see an outcome to this quest, just like one of those ‘Eureka!’ moments when you feel you have it all figured out for good! Unfortunately it hasn’t been the case. I want to draw a parallel here: I don’t believe in over restrictive temporary diets, which in my opinion don’t produce effective results on the long term. I ‘de rather find MY own durable eating ‘style’: the one that makes me feel healthy and in alignment with my needs, tastes and beliefs and allows me to achieve my goals. In the beginning, my target was to try out Keto eating for a month. I would then evaluate if I ‘de continue or not. As a result, today I decided to put a hold on it.

Right, I didn’t respect my undertaking. “Shame on me”, “I have no discipline at all”, “I never get through anything”, would have exclaimed the old Virginie. But not the new one, not today, not tomorrow, nor in a 100 years. As a matter of fact I chose not to hold that kind of inner speech no more. If you’ve spoken to yourself that way too, I’ll tell you one thing: we need to learn to fully accept and love ourselves as we are before considering any change and achieving a goal. Same logic applies for each aspect of one’s life, rather it be physical appearance, love, career and so on.

I listened to my body and my heart and together their voices have been louder than all the rules, boundaries and pressure I had put on the shoulders of my little being.

Failing is okay

Don’t get me wrong here. My experience with Keto dieting has overall went by just fine but something had changed within me. Even though I had been down that road so many times, I wasn’t the same in the wilderness; and just so you know, I haven’t found the oasis (aka the ultimate diet). What I found was even better: forever growing strength and power to listen to that small voice within. Only YOU know what’s best for YOU (remember that).

On such a rainy day I could tell you how crappy I feel I failed my diet but…nah! I ‘de rather tell you how super good and serene I feel because I finally accepted the fact that I’ll NEVER have the perfect body and that’s okay.


I might give Keto another try or go for a “low carb” version instead of almost “no carb”. Anyways it’s not my key point. That does not mean either that I give up healthy eating, working out and achieving my goals. It simply means that I am aware of the way I feel – mind and body – and if this Friday night I feel like having a bite of that piece of bread with some cheese, then I’ll just go for it! What’s the point of making ourselves miserable anyways? The challenging part definitely is not to eat the whole baguette but I love myself enough to not give into such sabotage. You’re better off learning to accept yourself (we’ll never repeat it enough) while carrying on working towards improving yourself. Now THAT is the key to success and happiness, if you ask me. After all, the most beautiful body is the one you feel good in.

P.S: if by any chance you know where the foot of the rainbow is, can you take me there please? I’ve been searching for the pot of gold for ages and never actually found it.

V. -xx